I will never understand why people don’t understand.

If I mention drinking/smoking to someone and I say that I don’t want to do that, they say “Its really not bad. If you’re with good people while you do it then its fine.”


"Come on, you need to live a little."

Do you NOT GET that I dont want to do that shit? Its not about me being “scared” or “doing it with the right people” or me “not knowing how to have a good time.”

Its me not being that type of person. Okay? Just like you choose to drink and smoke, I choose not to. How are they any different? We both made a decision to be apart of something. I choose no, you choose yes. I’m fine with that.

So, why cant people be fine with making the chose not to? Its not me. But if its you, then go for it. I won’t judge you so stop telling me to just man up and have fun. That is not my reasoning whatsoever.

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